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2020-21 Members

Mike Tieden

President & Secretary

Phone: (763) 443-5750

President - As the Chief Executive Officer of the Boosters, the President oversees all members and activities of Boosters. The President also runs the monthly meetings and directs objectives, goals, and budgets.

Secretary - Records all votes and minutes of all Boosters meetings.

Alison Schmitz

Vice President / Communications Director

Phone: (612) 282-1844

Vice President – Performs the duties and exercises the power of the President, in the absence or disability of the President, and performs other duties as assigned.

Communications Director - Handles online registration information and communications to players and families of Blaine Girls High School Basketball.

Julie Bryant


Treasurer – Has the custody of Boosters' funds and securities and keeps full and accurate account of receipts and disbursements in books belonging to Boosters.

Travis Van Slooten

Purchasing Director / Webmaster

Phone: (612) 605-5618

Purchasing Director - Purchases all food and beverages for hosted tournaments and special events.

Webmaster - Maintains the website for Boosters ensuring all current information is posted.

Michelle Van Slooten

Marketing and Fundraising Director

Marketing & Fundraising Director - Manages the creation and development of the high school basketball program. Coordinates sponsor outreach and sales.

Rob Terry

Special Events Director

Special Events Director - Heads up all special events and ensures appropriate staffing and planning is in place.

Brandi Collins

Member at Large

Member at Large - Duties and responsibilities vary according to the needs of the boosters. Will also assume any position (at least temporarily) that opens up if any booster member drops or leaves a position.

Chris Brustuen

Girls Varsity Coach

General Contact Info

Blaine Girls Basketball Booster Club
P.O. Box 490063
Blaine, MN 55449

Interested in Joining Boosters?

We are always looking for additional members! Boosters serve a two-year term. Review the current Boosters positions on this page and let us know if any of them interest you. Contact us via the email listed above if you have any questions or would like to apply.